by Altruist

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released April 3, 2015



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Altruist Haifa, Israel

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Track Name: Headlights
Show me the headlights
I won't be like the deer
Cus a leopard can change his spots
Fight your nature,
Give in a little
Because your fortune will never
knock again

Your mind is blunt
But your tunge is sharper
Seems like you've just hit your wits end

Those empty words you're saying
Won't buy their trust
So dont make a mountain
Into a molehill
Your silence is worth gold

Your happiness shouldnt hinge on the wings
Of your accomplishment
You truely are the person that you wish

Your actions will speak louder than your words
To speak only the words that count
Promises will be broken to pieces
Broken pieces will mend into hope

Speak the words that on your mind
Shout it so they would hear

Promises will be broken to pieces
Broken pieces will mend into hope

If one can change it's color
then why are we such blank?
Can a star stop itself from shining?

Those empty words you're saying
Won't buy their trust
Track Name: Isola Bella
Give me an idea
How can i drown?
I've tried before with no success by my side
You have failed me for the last time
(for the last time)
Give me the moment to live without the air
Give me the opportunity to breathe without oxygen

This island has made me sceptic about my beliefs
Beliefs have brought me here
And the loans aren't real

Oh poultry, help me build
A remarkable machine
So men can


Im tired of running against the clock
I hope I'll survive
I hope I'll live tonight
I hope this casket will bring me back
To the safe shore.
I hope I'll survive
I hope I'll live tonight

All the gallows surround me
Faces are leering at me

I've woken up with my head inside the sand
With my ears shut and screaming for help

Nothing will bring me down
Nothing will make me quit
Nothing will blare our sight
Nothing will turn off our flares
Track Name: Groom of the Stool
You've marched your men
Into their lowest cistern.
You trampled them.
You are a slack stave,
A tricky snake.

If only you knew that
A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool.

Put a guard in front of your gate,
Put a wolf in front of your platoon.

Keep your exit close,
He will try to knock you down.

And it beeps,
It will not stop until you turn it off.
Dormant gene has awakened,
And he shouts.
His malady is aggressive.

The Lagoon is empty,
But he is whispering to the firewood.

You know
You have escaped from your duty.

So hurry,
Reach us.
By persistence,
By volition.

Sacrifice your blood for the saints,
Sacrifice yourself for a slice of bread.
Maybe the gods will help you.

Show me your dress
But instead, wear your manhood again.
Show me your guest,
He is the groom of the stool.
Track Name: Long Live the Homeland
I put my hand where the foot was supposed to rest
I bent down in shame
While everyone besetedX2

say what you wantX3
this is my Permanent home !

I called the cur
to fight back
I nosed the looser
with my chains !

say what you want
this is my Permanent home !

look at the steam
it's coming from my ears !
it covers my visage
i can't breath !

look at the steam
it's coming from both my living ears !

rise above
Skip the fence
we sent a little man to cease the fire

we taught our sons
to be gnarled
and then we can sleep in silence

Will they conquer us ?
Not necessarily
Their eyes are covered with mud!

Will they conquer us ?
Not necessarily
dock yourself to the ground!

rise above
Skip the fence
we sent a little man to cease the fire

tears on their cheeks
lingering to their Throats

tears on their cheeks
piercing their bones

I'm boiled with my own decoction
and this is caustic
you know the drill

you thought that everything was easy as pie
but you were wrong !
I'm not the perfect human being
but neither are you !

sure, you are not the perfect man

your state will need you !
this is absolute
you know it is
morning after morning
you know it is

donate yourself ,all of yourself
be the feeler
i expect you to be

Pick her fruits
Reap her wheat
This land is your mineral

know her views
Lap in her sand
Long live the homeland!

Long live the homeland

i know you measured the world with your hands
is this what you're looking for?!
I know they have beat you again and again
so believe in your state
it is the protector !

i think you should fertile her plants
Long live my homeland!
i think you should hoe her weeds
Long live my homeland!

preserve it !
contain it in your heart !
you don't
!need to seize her doves
!Don't give up your love

Long live the homeland!
my Permanent home !

I am maybe grateful
but you refuse to be
Track Name: Lethal Weapons (Instrumental)
All the strictest rules
Their essence is about to amble
They're vanished here
They're vanished now

Our twine is short
And it will fade away
We will diminish our bombs
Until this blimp flies away!

To all my kinsmen
Listen through
I'll watch you just this once
From these empty pavilionsX2


I'm shouting
Cause they're drifting
On and on
Farther and farther
more and more
They have no earthly use!

I defended you
When the bullets are crossed you by
You are barely moving !
You are plodding over the ground
You are barely moving !

Show me sympathy
I'm in agony
Hear me now
I'm pointing at your temple

Our clothes are musty
Our faces struck with fear

Agitate those day dreamers
Clones of lethal weapons
I hate their hunger for more!

Show me sympathy
I'm in agony
Hear me now
I'm pointing at your temple

I afraid my daughter will ask me
How it ends
If she predicts a white flag
I bet we can
I bet we can!